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August 17th
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2014 Schedule:

January 17 Whiffletree (Seth and Tyler Yentes)
Dugan Murphy calling
February 21 Velocipede (Julia Plumb & Baron Collins-Hill)
Bill Olson calling
March 28
(4th Friday due to DEFFA dance)
Sassafras Stomp
Maggie Robinson calling
April 18 Marsh Island Band
Bill Olson calling
May 16 Perpetual e-Motion (Ed Howe, John Cote)
Will Mentor calling
June 20 Malcolm and Tristan
Dugan Murphy calling
July 18 Emma and Pepin
Dugan Murphy calling
August 15 Turnip the Beet
Michael Hamilton calling
September 19 Trad Heads
Maggie Robinson calling
October 17 Frigate
Bill Olson calling
November 21 Velocipede (Julia Plumb & Baron Collins-Hill)
Dugan Murphy calling
December 19 Acoustic Contraption (Anthony Viselli, Sam Furth and Ryu Mitsuhashi)
Kevin Stevens calling
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